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Originally Posted by byn63 View Post
So what? Every dwelling in the world, offices, apartments, trailers, vehicles, tents etc. would be found to have hairs that do not necessarily belong to the people who live in those places. FACT henri! Every day as we live our lives we pick up miscellany (hairs, fibers, skin cells, dirt, sand, etc) from one place and drop it else where. There is nothing shady or amazing or criminal or scary or even RELEVANT about such miscellany. UNSOURCED = FORENSICALLY USELESS.

Friends, family, and neighbors had all been in and out of the apartment. Colette let her neighbors use her dryer these facts alone make unknown hairs probable but they have no forensic value at all. PERIOD.

That is because they are not significant they are IN FACT IRRELEVANT, INSIGNIFICANT, UNIMPORTANT. PERIOD!
The fact of the matter has been explained in the past by MacDonald's wife:

In March 2006, after an 8-1/2 year wait, the DNA tests were completed. Before the results were released to Judge Fox, the government issued a press release falsely stating that the DNA results confirmed Jeff’s guilt. The truth was the opposite. A hair forcibly removed with its root intact was found under the fingernail of 2-year-old Kristen – and the hair was not Jeff’s. Another human hair, found on Kristen’s bed also did not match Jeff’s, and a third human hair, found underneath the body of his wife Colette, likewise did not match Jeff’s hair. In later filings Murtagh dismissed the three hairs as unimportant.
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