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Originally Posted by desmirelle View Post
Henri, I'm not so sure even YOU want to be backing a DUI-acquiring, animal hoarder who shoplifts. (That would be that second wife you're quoting.) Oh, wait, you don't mind backing your man crush who slaughtered his pregnant FIRST wife and two young daughters, so I take that back - you're probably her only friend in the world.
That's nothing compared to convicted fraudster prosecutor Blackburn in the MacDonald case, or Stombaugh and Malone of the FBI, who are under suspicion and investigation by the Department of Justice for false testimony and forensic fraud in other murder cases. Murtagh has no principles. He is a thoroughly nasty piece of work.

This is some more about what MacDonald's wife has said about the MacDonald case in the past:

After the McGinniss trial, Jeff learned that his mother was seriously ill and asked to stay in California to be near her. For four years total, he continued to live in solitary confinement, depending on friends to bring his mother to visit until her death in 1990. He used those years of isolation to pore over thousands of pages of government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Exculpatory evidence, suppressed at trial, slowly came to light. Not only was there physical evidence of intruders, but the evidence corroborated Jeff’s account. Among the items the government suppressed were: 22” long blond wig fibers; black wool fibers on the body of Colette and the murder club; and blood in the exact location where Jeff said he had been knocked unconscious. Jeff’s FOIA requests were controlled by the DOJ, which doled them out over many years. By providing the documents piecemeal over time, there was no way to present the suppressed evidence in court all at once. Then, when a new item of evidence was discovered it was ruled to have been found “too late” or “not enough by itself” to overturn the case. Although the evidence had been secreted from him, Jeff had to show due diligence by filing a habeas in a timely manner, or be procedurally barred from ever relying on that new evidence.

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