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That's nothing compared to convicted prosecutor Blackburn in the MacDonald case,
Blackburn had legal trouble AFTER this case. He admitted his guilt and did his time. Unlike your man-crush who brutally and savagely slaughtered his pregnant wife killing his unborn son in the process AND his two precious little girls who still tries to get out of his just punishment. While I respect Blackburn for facing his crime and doing his time, I have no respect for the 2nd Mrs. M who has risked many lives by getting behind the wheel of a car and driving drunk. A woman who has shoplifted, hoarded cats, and failed to pay her bills. 2nd Mrs. M is much much worse than Blackburn.

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or Stombaugh and Malone of the FBI, who are under suspicion and investigation by the Department of Justice for false testimony and forensic fraud in other murder cases.
prove it....

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Murtagh has no principles. He is a thoroughly nasty piece of work.
Actually Brian Murtagh is a very principled man, a highly qualified attorney, well respected, and with a case history unmatched by many....the only people who claim him to be nasty is inmate and his rabid followers (thankfully fewer and fewer).
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