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Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
This is the proof you so earnestly crave:
This IS NOT PROOF this is a journalistic article. Proof would consist of DOCUMENTED RECORD IE COURT PAPERS SUCH AS DECISIONS MADE BY JURISTS. 99.9% of anything based on the DEFENSE's claims is pure bs. Just like Fatal Joke and WOE that are replete with errors, cut and paste, revisionist history, misrepresentations and out right LIES.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
I can't quite see how 22 inch blond synthetic hair like fibers can come from a fall or MacDonald dolls as Kassab and Malone insisted..... Real proof please?
You can't quite see? how ridiculous are you prepared to get? The 3 blonde synthetic "saran" hair type fibers were tested and came from 3 different sources. One of those sources was matched to a fall that had belonged to Colette. The FBI Exemplar Collection consists of hundreds if not thousands of different dolls. THIS IS FACT. Sorry that I personally do not have access to the collection, but at one time there was a video about the FBI and its labs on YouTube. It is FACT that the fibers were found IN THE BRISTLES of Colette's hairbrush. Not a surprise, little girls use real hairbrushes to brush their dolls hair. Between Kimmie and Kristy there were more than 20 dolls in the household.

For more, try reading Bodies of Evidence. It covers various trials and hearings for various cases. I am NOT the only one who has been providing you with REAL PROOF for years. Just because you choose to ignore what you are provided doesn't not make it "fake proof". Unlike FJ and WOE or even inmate's own website - the Fire Brigade continues to deal in FACTS.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
Had the MacDonald defense team been informed about all this at the time of the trial?
Yes, the defense had been provided the information about the blonde synthetic "hair like" fibers and the dark wool fibers found on Colette and the murder weapon. That the defense never bothered to fully review the evidence is not the fault of the prosecution. Since the dark woolen fibers were unsourced they were of no value to the defense (even if they had brought them up before the jury the prosecution would have made it very clear that UNSOURCED IS FORENSICALLY USELESS. Also, IF inmate etal had brought up the saran fibers they would NOT have helped inmate because the prosecution would have been able to prove that they were sourced and were not from outsiders but from the VICTIMS.
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