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There Is No Place To Hide

HENRIBOY: Hate to break it to ya, but there is no place to hide. You can play dumb all you want, but I know that you're fully aware of the following facts.

1) In 1999, the government provided the AFIP with DNA exemplars from both Stoeckley and Mitchell.

2) The exemplars included head hairs from Stoeckley and a tissue sample from Mitchell.

3) Inmate's defense team did not request that DNA exemplars be obtained from Smith, Harris, Mazzerolle, Fowler, and Perry.

4) This indicates that inmate's defense team had NO confidence in these individuals being involved in this horrific crime.

5) None of the 29 DNA exhibits matched the DNA profile of Stoeckley or Mitchell.

As I've mentioned before, the inculpatory DNA test results are merely the icing on the evidentiary cake. MacDonald advocates have always chosen inferences over concrete data. Why? Because they have NOTHING. Not a single evidentiary item in this case was directly sourced to a member of the Stoeckley Seven. Do the math. Over 1,000 inculpatory evidentiary items vs. ZERO exculpatory evidentiary items equals inmate spending 37 of the past 39 years in prison.

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