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Originally Posted by byn63 View Post

No henri, Kristen was not the one that wet the master bed. PERIOD! IT WAS MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THAT URINE STAIN TO HAVE COME FROM KRISTEN. The only 2 people who could have made that urine stain was Kimberley or Colette. PERIOD.

try and grasp the following FACTS:

Type A blood contains Antigen A and Anti-B antibodies
Type AB blood contains Antigen A and Antigen B (no antibodies)
Type O blood contains Antigen H and anti-A and Anti-B antibodies
Type B blood contains Antigen B and Anti-A antibodies

The urine stain was tested and Antigen A was found. Thus the only 2 possible makers of the urine stain were Kimmie and Colette. PERIOD. There was no evidence that Colette had evacuated her bladder but there was plenty of evidence that Kimmie had wet herself (including urine on her nightgown and panties that she was found in).

there is absolutely no evidence that Kristen ever left her bed that night. PERIOD.
The background to that urine stain business in the MacDonald case was that CID agent Kearns, now deceased, was determined to prove MacDonald was lying during the 1972 re-investigation and that Kim was supposed to have wet the bed instead of Kristen. The initial CID lab report was that the urine stain was inconclusive. It is scientifically impossible, even today to retest a urine stain after ninety weeks, with the antigens which Byn continually mentions. The funny thing is that Kearns never testified with all that crap at the Article 32 proceedings, or at the Grand Jury in 1975, or at the MacDonald trial. Kearns was making it up.

Mr. Semmes advised the FBI report contains a request from the Army to analyze the urine. It is important to note that urine stains cannot be typed. If the Army claims they can, they are in direct conflict with a known scientific fact. He emphasized that this is important.

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