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I've Been Waiting For 15 Years

HENRIBOY: Still waiting on that DNA profile, hair, and/or fiber that was sourced to a member of the Stoeckley Seven. I know, I know, you have your own unique definition of sourced evidence, but that definition holds no water on this forum or in a court of law. What has and does hold water in a court of law are the evidentiary items that led to inmate being incarcerated for 37 of the past 39 years.

They include...

- Fibers from his torn pajama top that were found under bodies, bedding, wrapped around a bloody head hair sourced to Colette, under Kristen's fingernail, and under Kimmie's pillow.

- Bloody fabric impressions sourced to inmate's pajama sleeves/cuffs found on bedding used to transport Colette and Kimmie back to their respective bedrooms.

- Three bloody, bare footprints found exiting Kristen's room formed in Colette's blood with one of the prints matching an exemplar collected from inmate's left foot.

- A bloody, broken limb hair found clutched in Colette's left hand matching inmate's DNA profile.

I could go on, but you get the picture. I can't wait to read your list of evidentiary items that were definitively sourced to a member or members of the Stoeckley Seven.

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