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Fake Controversy

The history of this case CLEARLY demonstrates that from 1970-1987, the three saran fibers found at the crime scene were a non-issue to BOTH the defense and the prosecution. It wasn't until the defense team spotted Glisson's mention of the fibers being blonde in color that they began to construct this forensic red herring. It was no accident that the defense ignored the discovery of black synthetic fibers for they didn't fit into the "Stoeckley Wore A Blonde Wig" narrative.

In their rush to create a fake controversy, the defense skipped over Paul Stombaugh's 1974 analysis of the saran fibers and his conclusion that the most likely source was a doll. In 1990, Robert Webb's chemical composition analysis determined that the three saran fibers came from two different source materials. The defense knew that the best way for their theory to pass muster would be to argue that there were two wig-wearing intruders.

Knowing that the appellate courts would laugh at this assertion, the defense approached this issue in the most simplistic manner possible. It must have been difficult to hear that Michael Malone concurred with Stombaugh's conclusion that the source of the fibers was a doll. Malone took his analysis a step further and was able to match one of the saran fibers to doll hair in the FBI's exemplar collection.

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