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Originally Posted by JTF View Post
Knowing that the appellate courts would laugh at this assertion, the defense approached this issue in the most simplistic manner possible. It must have been difficult to hear that Michael Malone concurred with Stombaugh's conclusion that the source of the fibers was a doll. Malone took his analysis a step further and was able to match one of the saran fibers to doll hair in the FBI's exemplar collection.
I don't know where exactly Stombaugh was supposed to have thought those blonde synthetic hair like fibers were supposed to have come from dolls, and not Stoeckley's wig hair, as JTF never provides any legal reference. The very bad judges in the MacDonald case just think it is more likely those fibers with no known source came from dolls, and say also they had different chemical compositions without ever providing any scientific certainty of that. It was a cheap joke shop wig, not some kind of expensive cosmetic wig.

The matter is discussed at this website:

But I really don’t know what to believe. The problem is, until the government can take the necessary steps to prevent abuses like the Michael P. Malone cases, we can never know what to believe. Any confidence we might have had in the government’s ability to sort through these same facts and arrive at the right solution through the judicial system is completely belied by the government’s handling of the Michael P. Malone case.

Multiple prosecutors, both federal and state, called Michael Malone to the stand to testify for the government in numerous cases when they either knew or should have known that the testimony he was about to deliver was false. Multiple supervisors within Malone’s chain of command at the FBI refused to take corrective action when alerted to repeated instances of Malone’s perjury.

Malone was relieved of his forensic responsibilities in 1997 and retired in 1999, and while the government claims it is now investigating him and other analysts against whom similar accusations have been leveled, Malone has never, as far as I know, been disciplined or sued. And, in many cases, Justice officials waited for years (13 years in the Donald Gates case) to notify defense counsel of the Malone abuses.

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