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Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
I don't know where exactly Stombaugh was supposed to have thought those blonde synthetic hair like fibers were supposed to have come from dolls, and not Stoeckley's wig hair, as JTF never provides any legal reference.
What part of cosmetic wigs were not made of saran in the 1960s-1970s time-frame are you not understanding? In plain English those hairs could not have come from a WIG because wigs were not made of SARAN. PERIOD.

Also, I would like you to SERIOUSLY think about how ridiculous it is to believe that an intruder bent on mayhem and a search for drugs (as inmate alleges) would search out a hair brush and brush their wig?!?!?! That is the only way the fibers got into the bristles of the hair brush.

1 of the blonde saran fibers was matched to one of Colette's hair pieces. See below for sample:



The saran fibers were found in a clear handled hairbrush, the only way they could have gotten there is for the brush to be used. Thus it is unsurprising that Colette's hairpieces would leave fibers and it should not come as a surprise that little girls use regular hairbrushes to brush their dolls hair. It happens routinely. At the links you will see the hairbrush AND you will see a legal reference - a photo of just ONE of the FBI exemplar collection. Just because you choose to ignore facts and you keep repeating nonsensical inanities over and over again it will not make your delusions real.



Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
The very bad judges in the MacDonald case just think it is more likely those fibers with no known source came from dolls, and say also they had different chemical compositions without ever providing any scientific certainty of that.
The Judges in this case firstly were not/are not badge. They have all been distinguished jurists in their own rights. Your childish repetition of this sort of comment is annoying and ridiculous. You cannot argue the case with intelligence or FACT so you start playing more and more childish games. We get it - you love inmate. So, become his penpal and leave the rest of us alone.

The Judges did not/do not make the determination on fibers and chemical composition. If you look at the documented record their is plenty of evidence and scientific certainty. The FBI exemplar collections are extensive.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
It was a cheap joke shop wig, not some kind of expensive cosmetic wig.
No, Helena has a cosmetic wig, it was blonde but it was not stringy nor was it long hair. Helena's wig was cut in a bob so EVEN IF SHE HAD BEEN WEARING IT (she said she was not because Greg Mitchell didn't like how she looked in it) she would not have matched the description inmate gave of the female intruder. Also, we go back to the FACT that cosmetic wigs were not made of saran, the fibers were from 3 different sources, and no intruder would grab a hairbrush and start preening during a mad frenzy of murder and mayhem.

Helena ALWAYS said she didn't wear her wig that night. Inmate's story changed as he learned more of the evidence - consciousness of guilt! Get it through your head inmate brutally and savagely slaughtered Colette, Kimberley, Kristen, and his unborn baby boy. He is where he deserves (or at least as close as we are able to get him, really he belongs UNDER the jail) and he will remain there until he dies.
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