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Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
Bost and Potter and Morris in the Wilderness of Errors book wrote sense about the MacDonald case.

henri - I always knew you were capable of putting your foot into your mouth. what astonishes me is that you are then capable of opening your mouth even wider and sticking the other foot in there as well.

Fatal Joke is replete with errors, misrepresentation, cut and paste presentation, and out right lies. At least 1 error for every 5 pages of prose. FACT henri. I have not bothered with WOE because people that KNOW this case inside and out have said it is a piece of crap and since reading FJ was such a painful experience I do not desire to repeat the pain with an equally crappy book.

NONE of the authors mentioned above spoke sense.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
Fatal Vision was only written for the McGinniss bank account at the Bank of New England.
In all the years since Fatal Vision (and Final Vision) were published not one single substantive error has been found. The same cannot be said of FJ or WOE.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
As I have said many times in the past on the MacDonald forums, Ivory should have been in the Hall of Infamy not the Hall of Fame.
Bill Ivory EARNED his place in the HOF. I know what your problem is with Ivory....sour grapes because he was a big part of getting your man crush convicted. Too bad for you! If inmate had not brutally slaughtered his family he would not be where he is today.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
Ivory never really explained the candle wax at the crime scene at the 2012 evidentiary hearing which never came from MacDonald candles,
What is there to explain about the wax? Did the defense bring up the wax? The wax found on the coffee table was old and filled with household debris so we KNOW that the wax was not from any candles held by any alleged hippy home invaders. The wax found in Kimmie's room was the wax from birthday cake candles so we KNOW that was not from any candles any alleged hippy home invaders might have carried. The fact that the investigators didn't find any candles in the home that matched wax deposits IS NOT SOME SINISTER SITUATION. You see henri, MOST PEOPLE throw the stubs of candles away when they can no longer be lit. One does not move stubs from home to home once the candles cannot be used they become TRASH and get tossed.

Presence of wax of unexplained origin is not proof of hippy home invaders. Besides Helena said her candle dripped blood not wax roflmao even though sentient beings know Helena was not there so the whole point is that inmate was not convicted over wax deposits.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
or the fingerprints which a fingerprint expert testified at the trial that he was "totally mystified" about.
Not all the fingerprints were identified so? that does not put intruders into the house. You know what else henri? It also eliminates all of the known or suspected intruder suspects because the unidentified prints were compared with their print cards and no matches found. Thus Helena, Greg M, and all the rest were eliminated as suspects. They could not have been there and not left evidence of their presence.
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