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Your Boy Failed

Not only did Mitchell and Fowler pass polygraph exams administered by CID Hall of Famer Robert Brisentine, none of their head hair or print exemplars matched exemplars found at the crime scene. Unlike Mitchell and Fowler, inmate refused to take a CID administered polygraph exam and he gave no salient reason as why he wouldn't take it. The CID interview was 6 weeks after he suffered a collapsed lung from a self-inflicted stab wound, so this latter excuse for not taking the exam is bogus. Heck, there are photographs of inmate assisting with the carrying of the caskets of Kimmie and Kristen.

Inmate then took a defense funded polygraph exam from John Reid and the results were inconclusive due to inmate's claim that he was "frantic with worry." Jeez, this Green Beret tough guy was/is the biggest wimp in the world. Inmate then took a defense funded polygraph exam from Cleve Backster and he flunked the exam with flying colors. As he is prone to do, he concocted an excuse for this result which has no link to reality. Inmate's excuse was that Backster didn't complete the exam. If inmate's excuse was legitimate, why refuse to give Joe McGinniss permission to speak with Backster?

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