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I don't know why I am the only person on this forum who has to have an unseemly wrangle with a bunch of hysterical and biased women, and others with no sense of abstract justice about the MacDonald case. Mitchell confessed several times, but he was disregarded, and he passed a mumbo-jumbo polygraph. It was not only Stoeckley who confessed as JTF suggests. There was exculpatory evidence, but it was withheld from the jury and the MacDonald defense team, and there was also manufactured evidence by the FBI. I suppose the forensic evidence does not point directly at any names, as JTF says, but that is not unusual in difficult murders.
There have been murder cases in the past where fingerprints were found which pointed directly at the real culprit.

There is some background to all this at this website:

Through the years, MacDonald has amassed some high-profile supporters, including some of the top forensic experts in the world. “I believe that the story that Jeffrey MacDonald related that evening and ever since is correct,” says world-famous forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht, who has studied all the autopsy reports, physical evidence and trial testimony. “The multiple and extensive injuries inflicted on Mrs. MacDonald and the two children and all the other things that were done at the house…depicts the involvement of two or more people,” Wecht says.........Other prominent supporters include Barry Scheck, co-founder of The Innocence Project, the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence, and C. Ronald Huff, a high-profile criminologist at the University of California, Irvine, who has been studying wrongful convictions for the past 30 years. “I believe that Dr. MacDonald did not murder his family and that this will ultimately be regarded as one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice in the modern era,” says Huff. "

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