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Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
Not everybody agrees with you about that.
Anyone who has READ Fatal Vision is fully aware of the FACT that no substantive errors have been found within its pages. The same cannot be said of Fatal Joke or WOE.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
In the McGinniss court case in 1987 McGinniss confessed to a MacDonald defense lawyer that he did not even believe the amphetamine psychosis theory himself,
IF you say so....HOWEVER, the issue at hand is SUBSTANTIVE ERRORS. Theories, whether the author believes those theories or does not believe those theories are just that THEORIES.

SUBSTANTIVE: (adj) 1. Substantial 2. Independent in function or exestence; not subordinate 3. Not imaginary: actual 4. of or relating to the essence or substance 5. having a solid basis: firm 6. expressing or denoting existence.

THEORY: (n) 1. systematically organized knowledge applicable in a relatively wide variety of circumstances 2. Abstract reasoning 3. an assumption or guess based on limited knowledge or information: hypothesis

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
yet he still kept it in his book.
It is perfectly reasonable for this theory to have been kept in the book. Still, since the book was not published until AFTER inmate was tried and convicted what difference does a theory make? None. The FACT is that inmate himself admitted to taking Eskatrol (amphetamines) AND the FACT is that people might have been able to understand (to a VERY LIMITED degree) how inmate got enraged enough to so brutally butcher his wife, his unborn son, and his 2 daughters if they believed in that theory.

Personally, I know that he is a sociopathic narcissistic familial slaughterer. The reality is and will always be that he has a temper, he has gotten into trouble due to his inability to control that temper in his past, and he continues to have issues due to his temper tantrums. FACT henri.

Point out a SUBSTANTIVE ERROR in Fatal know you cannot any more than you can answer any of the challenges we've directed your way....

.....single item of evidence sourced to known intruder suspect? nope
.....salient time line that exonerates inmate? nope
.....substantive error in Fatal Vision? nope
.....explanation of how someone could have "swapped" E-5 hair? nope
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