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Originally Posted by byn63 View Post
Point out a SUBSTANTIVE ERROR in Fatal know you cannot any more than you can answer any of the challenges we've directed your way....

.....single item of evidence sourced to known intruder suspect? nope
.....salient time line that exonerates inmate? nope
.....substantive error in Fatal Vision? nope
.....explanation of how someone could have "swapped" E-5 hair? nope
Not everybody agrees with you about the accuracy of that Fatal Vision moneymaking book, and that's why MacDonald sued McGinniss:

And then there was “Fatal Vision,” the popular, best-selling true crime book about the murders published in 1983. The book painted MacDonald as a manipulative mastermind who erased his family so he could be with another woman. The book's author Joe McGinniss was embedded with the defense during and after the 1979 trial. MacDonald cooperated with McGinniss because he believed the book was about his innocence. But when the book was published, it made MacDonald look guilty as sin. MacDonald sued McGinniss for a breach of trust. McGinniss settled out of court for $325,000.

With so many lingering questions about the case, the fact that MacDonald was convicted and sent to prison for three life sentences should at least give us pause. If a Princeton graduate and decorated Army doctor like MacDonald was really railroaded, no one is safe from bungled investigations and prosecutor misconduct.

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