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Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
What happened was that MacDonald gave a general description of his assailants at the time of the MacDonald murders
No, inmate gave a DETAILED descriptions of his alleged intruders.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
and this was relayed to Detective Beasley, who was a front line local police officer. It fitted the Stoeckley gang who were known to the local police.
Actually, there was no "Stoeckley Gang" and the description didn't ACTUALLY fit Helena nor her associates, unless you lessened the details in the descriptions. For example, Helena was a brunette not a blonde and lots and lots of men walked around in fatigue jackets....

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
For some unknown reason best known to the genius detectives of the Army CID, with their brilliant detection, the suspects were disregarded by the Army CID.
They local hippies were checked out by CID. They didn't match the description. They had iron clad alibis. There was absolutely zero evidence of their existence at the crime scene. AND, none of the local hippies were involved in the murders and EVERY SINGLE SOURCED PIECE OF EVIDENCE POINTS TO INMATE AND ONLY INMATE AS THE MURDERER. FACTS!

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
They were being held by Detective Beasley at the local police station.
No they were not. In FACT there is not even any proof that PEB stopped, questioned, and/or held anyone (including Stoeckley). no evidence that he ever contacted the CID saying he had some persons of interest for them to come pick-up.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
Beasley had to let the suspects go
PEB never had any suspects, he never stopped them, he never contacted the CID to say he had any, and at that point IF HE HAD they would have been persons of interest not suspects.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
because of the CID lack of interest and the police records of their names were later mysteriously 'lost' probably by Murtagh and Blackburn.
CID could not take an interest in something they knew nothing about. PEB never stopped and held anyone, he never contact the CID about having anyone for them to come talk to, and PEB would have been the one to have any notes related to such an event as stopping a car full of persons of interest. Murtagh and Blackburn would not have EVER been in a position to "lose" mysteriously or otherwise a police detectives personal notebook.

Once again we get to remind henri that PEB was already showing signs of his illness by this point. he confabulated the entire story about having stopped anyone and calling the CID. WE won't call it lying (although it is in fact lies) because he couldn't help it. The inorganic brain disorder caused gaps in his memory and he would "fill those gaps" with things that seemed logical to him. They didn't happen but you can understand why he would have claimed to have done certain things. Poor inmate, if he hadn't slaughtered his family he wouldn't have had to have crazy people and conspiracy nuts on his team.

Originally Posted by Henri McPhee View Post
The Army CID had wrongly decided MacDonald did it right from the start.
Actually, the Army CID started the investigation believing inmate's story. Although it did start to fall apart very quickly. They rushed someone to the hospital to get his story assuming that he'd be on death's doorstep after seeing what happened to a pregnant woman and 2 little girls. What they found was a man who was barely scratched. This same person admitted that ALL THEY ALLEGED INTRUDERS wore either shoes or boots (thus cementing that the bloody foot print was his) and the biggest gaff of all was for him to be sitting up in the hospital bed eating a steak dinner and drinking Cold Duck that he had a friend bring.

he did not behave like an innocent victim - he behaved like someone who knew his family was dead by his hand and was celebrating that FACT.
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