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Originally Posted by TragicMonkey View Post
Definitions of class are to some degree subjective. I consider working class to be those who work in a factory, mine, or farm all day. Not those who have time and money to attend college, even community ones, although I don't think the college in question is a community college. From that perspective I consider attending college, even community college, as movement into the middle class.

Attending a community college via a financial aid program, while not being able to afford both food and rent in the same month, is not "movement into the middle class". There are a lot of working class people who attend college thanks to government financial aid programs, who would not otherwise have been able to afford it.
When you say that fascists should only be defeated through debate, what you're really saying is that the marginalized and vulnerable should have to endlessly argue for their right to exist; and at no point should they ever be fully accepted, and the debate considered won.
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