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Originally Posted by TragicMonkey View Post
Definitions of class are to some degree subjective. I consider working class to be those who work in a factory, mine, or farm all day.
Class has as much to do with formal education and outlook as with money. The average journeyman plumber or electrician makes much more than the local high school English teacher who's still paying off his grad school loans, but the former would generally be considered working class and the teacher (struggling) middle class. On the other hand, if the plumber or electrician sent their kids to good schools where they did well, the kids would be middle class. Someone who grew up with college-educated professional parents will generally be considered middle-class, even if his current employment is unskilled labor. I would say social class is more a result of childhood and upbringing than your current bank balance. Again, a college degree might be a ticket into the middle class, at least historically; but someone who grew up in poverty and is able to sign up for a few classes doesn't suddenly jump up the social ladder.
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