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Originally Posted by quadraginta View Post
For certain very idiosyncratic definitions of the term "negotiate".

A negotiation which went something like this;
"Bin Laden is a bad guy. Hand him over"

"Show us the evidence and we'll try him here."
*Bomb Afghanistan for eight days*
"Bin Laden is a bad guy. Hand him over."

"Show us the evidence and we'll hand him over to a neutral third government for trial"
*Invade Afghanistan, occupy it and kill Afghans for eighteen years ... also some bombing.*
Not that there was much alternative, I guess, since no evidence was ever going to be forthcoming. (Well, some alternatives, like not bombing the hell out of the country and then invading it, but that would take a rather creative mind, and none of those were forthcoming either. Best to stick with the old tried-and-true methods.)

Yeah, that's some straight-up negotiating right there. Not entirely like an Imperial mentality showing how tough it can be against a nearly third world country, but remarkably close.

If we could bomb anywhere we wanted to in Afghanistan why not just stick with taking out Al Qaeda hideouts, and leave the rest alone? Eighteen years of occupation didn't provide any results superior to that approach ...

And now we're back to negotiating with the Taliban, only this time we're the ones who want out.

Eighteen years wasted. At a pretty steep price tag for us and them. How many Afghans died who weren't Al Qaeda?
Well that depends on if you ask their families or the U.S. State Dept.

Because the vast majority are in the murky middle where we don't want to say "civilian" but don't want to outright call them "terrorists" while "trying to win hearts and minds" so we call them "suspected militants."

ETA: Compromise has been a hot topic around here lately, so I'll go on record as saying this is an example of one of those "compromises" that is just awful.

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