Thread: [Continuation] The Trump Presidency: Part 19
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Originally Posted by Cabbage View Post
That's actually a very good point. Yes, I would very much like to compare what ratio of Trump supporters believe in him like a Cult God with the ratio for Bernie's supporters. Again, I'm willing to bet Bernie's come out much better.

I'd also like to remind everyone: Don't take for granted that everyone presenting themselves on social media as Bernie (or Trump) supports are legit. I'd also be willing to bet that a significant number are trolls (Russian and otherwise), many times trying to portray the supporters in a bad light, many times trying to radicalize the legit supporters.
I agree.
Poe’s Law and all that. Which makes it hard to tell if all the Trumpsters who insist that he has never told a lie.are sincere or are just playing.
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