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Originally Posted by TofuFighter View Post
This post is kinda off the rails.

There's no evidence in this thread of anyone 'waging a hate campaign' against Bernie Sanders or even suggesting it. None of the above posts even make reference to Bernie himself, so it makes no sense to me to assert that anyone here is holding him to any kind of standard, let alone a ridiculous one.

All that's been pointed out is that there are, and will always be, supporters of any given strong political personality (trump, Sanders, Obama all included) that will say things or act in a particular way, due to their emotional investment in 'their candidate' that is irrational, and that irrationality is exactly the similarity between them.

Criticism of some supporters of any given personality is not a criticism of them all, and it's not a criticism of you, as your response seems to suggest is the way you feel. Naturally a lot of democratic voters would balk at any suggestion that they are in any way like trump supporters, as you have, but there's a pretty reasonable argument that, in some ways, it's just an inescapable fact.

It's an inescapable fact yet for some reason some people persist in pointing it out over and over and over again with respect to Bernie Sanders, but not others (except Trump, of course)? If it's so routine and unnoteworthy then I question why some keep bringing it up. I claim it is in fact due to hate of Sanders himself.

I haven't heard similar criticisms from Democrats with respect to Obama, for example (except for me, in my previous post, making this precise point). Why do you think that is?

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