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The anomalies are starting to work along some peculiar fault lines.

South East Asia - no problemo. Apart from Philippines & Indonesia, the entire region has done remarkably well, considering that's where it started.

West Asia & North Africa are going very badly, with massive case increases and plenty of deaths, led by Iran, but with India catching up fast. Pakistan, Bangladesh, A'stan, right through to Iraq, the region is being hit hard.

Sub-Saharan Africa, aside from South Africa looks amazingly good. I see lots of Africa nations in the minimal harm list, with Burundi, Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda and Benin all with well under 1 death/million people.

The problem is accuracy, and with the President of Burundi allegedly croaking of Covid, one does wonder, but some of the countries do have more believable systems, Angola from that list as well as Kenya & Uganda.

The Americas go without saying.

I think we can explain SE Asia with fast action, but the African nations haven't had that luxury.

It may still take off there, I suppose, but the numbers haven't grown and they've all had the virus for a while now.
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