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Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
And yet the National Review still did a podcast about Biden's win. It's over. Yes, he's still insisting he won. You didn't think losing the election was gong to stop his twitterrhia, did you? Yes he should accept defeat gracefully, but like the scorpion said to the frog, it's not in his nature.
NR also published an issue dedicated entirely to opposing Trump... then puckered up to kiss ass. Yes, Biden won, but a lot of Trump supporters don't recognize it. And can we just focus on the adjacent-argument you're making: The blogs you read recognize that Biden's won. Yeah, and how much sway do they have? Other right-wingers regularly read NR, and enthusiastically disagree with the line over there. Rich Lowry and Kevin Williamson do not have nearly the same pull as Sean Hannity or Mark Levine.

As for Trump, yes, of course he will continue doing his thing on Twitter, but let's not fall into the in-retrospect-everything-is-obvious trap. If he runs again in 2024, people will say, "I knew it!" And if he doesn't, they'll say the same. damn. thing. I know Trump cares about receiving attention, but I'm not always sure how he'll pursue it.
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