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Originally Posted by smartcooky View Post
Given the vile and offensive lies you promulgated on them, I'm not surprise to see them do that (and really pleased they have). They should do it more, to others who spread pro-Nazi & Holocaust denial lies.

You can jump up and down about your free speech rights being curtailed, but the facts are that they haven't, and no such thing has happened to you. Google and YouTube are private media companies, they are not restricted by 1A because they are not the US government.

You might want to look at this XKCD and think about its application

Note: XKCD specifically does allow hotlinking, but I have modified this cartoon to comply with the MA.

The original is here
Excellent: Another way to look at this is to ask Saggy if he thinks he has to accept Israelis putting stickers on his personal vehicle?

I brake for Hassidics

Honk if you love Netanyahu

Hitler was a loser
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