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Bloomberg: Trump, Pence and other top U.S. officials will be offered the newly-approved coronavirus vaccine starting tomorrow, sources say. Essential personnel in WH and certain officials in three branches of govt vaccinated within next 10 days.
Ironically, Trump hasn't said he would get the vaccine in public or in private....We're going to keep having flare ups long after the vaccine is out in areas where Trump did particularly well in November. Trump could prevent that if he'd get the vaccine but he won't .
I imagine they told him how bad it looks for the rich and famous to take cuts.
To be fair, are they recommending the vaccine for people who have already had Covid-19? It might not make sense for Trump to get the vaccine.
If Trump were not such a reprehensible person, I might almost have some sympathy over this situation.

After all, it really is a "no win" situation... get vaccinated early, you appear ot be "jumping the Queue" in order to get a vaccine that you might not need (denying one more person the chance to get vaccinated). Wait to get vaccinated, and you send the message to some of your supporters that "the vaccine isn't needed".

However, pretty much everything else Trump has done has eliminated any sort of sympathy I might have had for him.
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