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Originally Posted by Dumb All Over View Post
If I was a professional mentalist and I needed to memorize the sequence of a shuffled, 52-card deck, I betcha I could knock that out in about fifteen minutes, thirty at the most. It would not be an amazing feat by any means.
I used to memorize a shuffled deck of cards in ~ 5 minutes, using techniques outlined in books by Harry Lorayne. I could even generally recite the order perfectly, but at a slower speed, days later. Most of the participants in the World Memory Championships started out using the same techniques as are found in those old books (and then taking them to a whole new level - I think the record for memorizing a shuffled deck is under 15 seconds. But no one can do it at the speed that Karol is claiming to do it at - which, as indicated, is using an already memorized deck, but I am sure he is the same techniques to memorize the places where the deck is cut out of order).

As for his course, I wouldn't drop money on it. I don't doubt that it would be effective, as he would teach the same method that others teach, but undoubtedly would be charging much more. What matters is the effort you put in, as everyone uses very similar techniques.

My suggestion - find an old cheap book by Harry Lorayne (all of his books cover similar material), or perhaps one by Dominic O'Brien (I have never read any of his books, but I am sure they are the same thing, just likely with some updated methods). Also the book Moonwalking with Einstein is great.

It has been a lot of years, but I can still do things like tell people what day of the week they were born on within two or three seconds and memorize the names of a classroom of students after having them say their names once. But it probably took me more than 5 minutes to find where I parked my car at the mall earlier today.

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