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Originally Posted by CORed View Post
I'm pretty sure Obama really wanted single payer, but just didn't have the votes in Congress to pull it off. Thus we ended up with the ACA, which was at least a start, but ended up being an unpopular and flawed program.
Public option was the option of a single payer plan, with the option to choose other insurance plans. Option is literally in it's name. That is the thing here, you are talking about a single payer option for everyone. That failed to pass already.

Look the insurance, drug companies, and health care providers have too much money to spend on lobbying and advertisement to get anything passed. I mean we can't even regulate that what they say is in supplements is actually in them because of this power and that is nothing to all those.

We passed the event horizon to regulating and having a sensible system years ago, we just have to ride this out destroying the country before we can do anything about it.
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