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Originally Posted by Bob001 View Post
That's what's at issue. If everyone pays in, not just employers, and union members and other workers who previously had their premiums paid by their employers, the employee who starts paying taxes will be spending more out-of-pocket.

I support universal coverage along the lines of Medicare-for-All, but it's unrealistic to imagine that nobody will end up paying more than they do now.

One intermediate step, as has been proposed by observers across the political spectrum, would be to treat health insurance benefits as taxable income. That would clarify in concrete ways who is paying how much for what.
That is the point. Between me and my employer we together pay for my insurance, and we pay a lot. If my employer pays the same amount as a health care tax instead of fees to an insurance company, my employer is not spending a penny more, and without the profit motive could be spending somewhat less.

If I pay health care taxes instead of my share of the insurance premium, I am not spending more out-of-pocket. If all the co-pay, deductible, in-network vs out-of-network crap goes away, I come out ahead.
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