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Originally Posted by Segnosaur View Post
Keep in mind that such 'outsourcing' has gone on in other areas of health services, and even occurs in other countries.

(For example, Canada and the U.S. have been 'outsourcing' the work of radiologists to India... get your X-ray done locally, it gets emailed to some doctor in India, and they send the results back.)

Not sure if that's necessarily due to the U.S. relying on private health care, or just the result of having parts of the country with very low population density.
Telemedicine isn't necessarily a bad thing. These rural areas couldn't support a full emergency department, and without the new technology those severely sick or injured patients would likely be packed into ambulances and transported long distrances across the countryside. If I was dying after a car accident I'd take a tele-doctor over no doctor.

But outsourcing xrays etc. is purely cost-driven. I'm sure it could be done in the U.S. The question for patients is how reliable are the results of overseas outsourcing vs. using a U.S. specialist? Has that been studied? And do the patients benefit from the reduced costs, or does it just allow the hospital to pocket more of the fee?

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