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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
Ummm...Rocco Sollecito was born June 9, 1948 and (according to the court records) Francesco Sollecito was " nato a Giovinazzo il 4 giugno 1948." Wow...that was one short pregnancy between the two 'brothers'. Try doing just a modicum of research before posting.

Citation, please, for your claim that Raffaele 'hung out with the Italian mafioso there'. Not that I'm expecting one, of course.
Originally Posted by Vixen View Post
It's all covered in mafia sympathiser rag OGGI.
No, it is not. The following is the only OGGI article I could find regarding RS's trip to the Dominica Republic. It does not mention him hanging out with Italian mafioso. It only mentions this:

(RS)...maintains friendly relations with many fellow countrymen living on the island, including a pavese who moved to Santo Domingo for work and a Roman businessman with several businesses in the tourism sector.

I looked at several articles referring to RS's D.R. trip and they all refer back to this single OGGI article. Once again, you are making a claim with no evidence to support it. Figures.
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