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Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
Yep. Everyone should. Bad guys. Maybe more bad than Bill and Hillary.
Really? The Clinton Administration arrested journalists and opposition leaders? Really?

However thats irrelevant to my example of how a military can clean house and restore civil govt....and of how good brass can be set up and taken out in a staged incident by bad guys in power. You knew all that. So get a grip.
Oh, I have a grip.

What you just described is a military junta. What you specifically describe is an act of treason, and officers partaking in such action would be shot.

And rightfully so.

Let me make this clear, you are the one advocating fascism here.

That reminds me. There was an old time gumshoe reporter known for his reliable sourcing and accurate reporting. Sorry cannot recall his name. He wrote that some brass were going to arrest Bill Clinton but were "stopped" because Bill's people got wind of of it. Wouldnt surprise me if true. Just a few more added to the Clinton Body Count (google that). ("False" says Snopes).

Snopes is consistently statist. Not to mention funnier than you guys.
Snopes is not prone to indulging delusional thinking. If you don't like the fact that Snopes destroys the things you think are true it says more about your ability to reason.
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