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The nature or mission of ghost explanation kind of bothers me.

If it is that disembodied essence of a once living person that a) does not know he is dead or b) died with an unfinished drive or desire and must finish it, that one is doomed.

The others lived on and changed , then possibly died themselves making the mission impossible. Or if decades pass and the cemetery is moved, the building razed and all memories of the past lost, it's hell on earth for that one.
No chance at redemption.

If a recreation of some event in a place, that somehow the emotion of the moment pegged itself and it will repeat after the fact ( I have no idea how this might work ) it's kind of pointless. Anne Bolen or a gala ball in 1821 in a fancy hotel, just hearing the band play again or the figure walk to her death has no function.

I cannot offer good answers and won't try. I have experienced things I cannot explain and don't try. As Pink Floyd put it.

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and it was gone.
I cannot put my finger on it now, the child has grown, the feeling is gone.

Or something close to that from Comfortably Numb.
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