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Originally Posted by McHrozni View Post
They did just that. The Parliament legislated the PM needs to ask for another extension until the end of January, if EU sets a different date (or asks for preconditions) Parliament has two (sitting?) days to either accept or reject it. The bill got royal assent just before prorogation.

Therefore if EU agrees to the extension, or at least doesn't reject it outright, UK looks to be Bremaining for a little longer still.

It's not really what one might want, but if EU asks for "either referendum or another general election", Parliament intends to go for the latter anyway, so that should be fine.

No deal is still the default outcome.

All that Parliament has done is to pass a bill to compel the Prime Minister to ask for an extension unless a deal is agreed by 19 October.

If the Prime Minister breaks the law and fails to ask for a deal, he may be sent to prison but there's still nothing on the statute books to prevent a no-deal on 31 October. Parliament may be able to pass something in the remaining days but there's no guarantee that they will be able to agree on something.

If the EU doesn't agree to an extension then the UK crashes out with a no deal.

If the EU agrees to an extension other than 3 months and/or attaches conditions then Parliament would have to agree to this - and there's no guarantee that the fragile no no-deal coalition would stand up to a 2 year extension or a demand for a second referendum or whatever the EU requires.

tl;dr News Youtube about 8 ways Boris Johnson can still get his no-deal

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