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Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
I went with my friend when he was going to vote and hung around outside, I was offered a sausage from the Barbie but said I wasn't eligible since I wasn't Australian and could not vote; this produced some consternation with people explaining to me that I did not need to be Australian to vote just resident, when I explained I was on holiday they still insisted anyone who visited the voting station on holiday was entitled to a sausage.
Yeah, those people are wrong.

Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
I do. I think this legislation is the product of Australians who like the idea of voting and who don't trust their fellow citizens to like the idea as much as they do. They're comforted by the thought that their fellow citizens have to vote whether or not they're enthusiastic about it.
Well we are a lazy bunch.

What do you think would happen if the Australian Prime Minister called a press conference tomorrow and said, "we Australians have a strong cultural value of voting in a democracy. It's one of the greatest things we as a people have to offer the world. Having a law to compel us to vote is insulting. The threat of government sanction is patronizing and unnecessary. Australians don't need to be told to vote. Australians don't need to be forced to vote. Even if there were no law, Australians would still go and vote, because participating in democracy is something we all believe in. Therefore, I am calling on the legislature to repeal this unnecessary and offensive law immediately. And I will see you all at the polls!"
Well right now my thoughts would be "why isn't Morrison proposing this himself since he's a member of parliament" and "is he really trying to win an election by expecting people to not vote?"

I bet Australians would lose their minds at the thought of having an election without the government threatening them.
Probably not. Odds are it'd be one of the worst turnouts ever.

Originally Posted by Roboramma View Post
Regardless, whatever it was about to some nameless people who support it, the question of whether or not it has achieved a high percentage of voters (actually voting, not just "donkey" voting), has a answer, in the affirmative.
A donkey vote is an actual vote since there's no way to determine if someone is just filling in the ballot because they can't be bothered making a choice or if that's a voter's actual choice.
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