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Originally Posted by cullennz View Post
Can I just take the time to point out, that I have high hopes and a good feeling this 5th massive forum thread repeating the same things as the other thousands and thousands of posts on the other 4 will be the winner. The one that sorts it once and for all.

Is it the function/role of this thread to "sort it out once and for all"? And irrespective of that: suppose that this thread actually did sort it out once and for all? What would that mean in the real world? Precisely nothing.

Thankfully, the world's mainstream medical/psychology/sociology experts have sorted it out already. As have many mainstream national executives and legislatures.

I suspect that had there been a forum such as this in, say, the 1960s, there'd have been a similar entrenched thread about gay rights in which one group of people argued that homosexual people a) deserved the right to have their condition treated as a valid lived experience rather than a disease or disorder; b) deserved precisely the same human/civil rights as heterosexual people, in all areas of life; and c) deserved full protection under the law. And there'd have been another entrenched set of bigots arguing something like "Yeah, I'm totally in favour of gay rights - but I draw the line at an out gay guy being allowed to use the swimming pool's changing facilities at the same time as me and my 12-year-old son", and so on.

And as I also mentioned before, it'll be grimly amusing to look back upon this thread in 20-30 years' time, and wonder quite how some of the views expressed in this thread could ever have been seriously offered up.
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