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Originally Posted by Michel H View Post
I think this little discussion was about the U.S. influence in the world. Is the U.S. really an evil country, a kind of universal troublemaker and aggravator? (particularly with this Trump administration, Obama was giving some hope to many people, I think - note, by the way, that having an African black parent is not necessarily a bad thing, it does not necessarily goes against "civilization", often associated with Whites of European descent).

Are most of the world's problems actually artificial creations of one particularly mad, stupid and cruel country? This fundamental issue is always relevant in a political (sub-)forum, I think. And part of the answer is that the U.S. has a high scientific and technological level, and was able to make many important contributions to the world through this high level, and in other ways.

And another part of the answer is, in my opinion:"Yes, American absurd pseudo-repressive policies and neglect of the environment are responsible for a great deal of the current world's problem. The Palestine-Israel conflict illustrates this. The U.S. is giving annually about 4 billion dollars of military assistance to Israel to help this country evade international law (and U.N. resolutions), and steal every month more land from the poor Palestinians, who then react with some violence. It seems to me that, as a major superpower, the U.S. should be a guardian of international law, and should be among the first to help enforce it. Because of its large power and influence, and its permanent seat in the Security Council, the U.S. should be super-careful about being very neutral and objective. But we know that, unfortunately, this is not the path the U.S. is choosing.
Perhaps we can blame France? There is an interesting (perhaps for some here) series on the BBC 'The History of the Treaty of Versailles - in Five Future Wars', which suggests that the conflicts of the modern world were partly driven by decisions, mostly French driven, made in 1919. Everything from WW2, Vietnam and the middle east crises.
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