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Originally Posted by shemp View Post
It doesn't. They want blood flowing through the streets. If they take over and end democracy, it will be worse than Nazi Germany. They'll have nuclear weapons and nobody to stop them. Nuclear war with China would be inevitable.
In view of his time in office, he's too fearful of political fallout to be a warmonger. However, also in view of his record, he creates a huge vacuum of power by both lacking authority and by undermining close allies and strategic alliances. Further, if he reaches office again, lesson learned: the security and defense apparatus will be decapitated and replaced with loyalists, with a view toward remaining in office indefinitely. It is this weakened, distracted and chaotic security apparatus that will be ripe for exploitation. This includes Turkish, Iranian, Israeli, Russian and Chinese adventurism. Whether things go nuclear will depend if that is seen as the moment to finally take Taiwan or the Ukraine, and what kind of strategic military guidance he gets from the wacko Flynns of the world.
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