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Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
OK...Can you respond to the statement without Caitlin's name attached?

The opinion that there should be literally no dissent anywhere at all about government Covid policies which affect everyone is one of the most bat **** insane beliefs you could possibly come up with.
Yes, I can respond to it. It's A histrionic performance by a moron who believes in astrology, describes herself with a term used to self-identify by people who think tripping balls makes them smarter, and who stupidly believes that there are symbolic alignments of place names around the world. She has a problem with the fact that the only people supporting her ******** (when they actually exist) are called cranks and liars by the rest of the scientific community, so she performs like a melodramatic child, claiming that there is massive support for her claims, but that they're all being silenced by the Evil Bad Guys®.

You don't get to cite someone like Johnstone (or Icke), and then claim that it's out of bounds to note that the citation comes from a nut-job.
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