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Originally Posted by calebprime View Post
Alarm systems sometimes emit high frequency sounds (just north of 20k) that can be heard by some people -- they feel like an uncomfortable nearly inaudible pressure. I used to be one of them, in my 20's and 30's, but no longer. My hearing tops out at 12k. But that could easily be detected and recorded and fixed.
I think that there was a case in Denmark a couple of years ago when the owner of a grocery store got fed up with teenagers hanging out outside. He allegedly used high-frequency sounds to disperse them, sounds that wouldn't bother his older customers because they couldn't hear them. This appears to be something similar: "to drive away loiterers." Or rather: to drive away young loiterers!

If the U.S. people were seriously concerned, it seems trivial for them to call in a technology expert with some recording devices to witness the "attacks". But that didn't happen, or we'd have solid explanations.

It's bizarre that we have senior officials commenting about this without anyone knowing what they're talking about, apparently. eta: Ok, maybe not so bizarre any more. Par.
My point exactly!

As someone who experiences sound very vividly -- as something very solid and real and understandable -- this case intrigues and frustrates me. I'm pretty curious how it will all turn out: Probably it will just fade away without us finding out what really happened.
By now, I think that the people afflicted by this are a very mixed group: Some of them have actual physical symptoms (loss of hearing), which they (falsely) attribute to these X sounds, others have heard about the symptoms and have become convinced that they have them too. Unlike theprestige, I think that people in the spying business (and, yes, I do know that some diplomats are simply diplomats!) are probably more prone to paranoia and to believing that "the enemy" is out to get them, which might make them interpret any bodily symptoms accordingly. (This could be turned into a good episode of The Americans.)
And for Marco Rubio and his ilk, it's a welcome excuse for closing down the US embassy in Havana.
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