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If you have ever watched young children play and one of them falls or scrapes a knee, there is a moment where they look up to gauge the adult reaction. Stay calm and the kid isn't likely to cry. They stop for a few seconds and go on playing. Rush in and make a big deal and not only will the fallen kid cry, but the other kids get worried and upset as well!

And by now, every hypochondriac who ever stayed at the Hotel Capri in Havana appears to have scraped a knee:
"Since we issued the September 29 Travel Warning, we have received a handful of reports from U.S. citizens who report they experienced similar symptoms following stays in Cuba," a State Department official told CBS News. "We have no way of verifying whether they were harmed by the same attacks targeting official U.S. employees."

My guess is that they were 'harmed' by the exact same 'attacks' …

Aggression against U.S. diplomats in Havana: Unfounded and implausible (Oct. 5), from the Cuban newspaper Granma, which Breitbart calls ”communist propaganda outlet Granma”.

Also from Granma: Declaración del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Oct. 3)
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