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Exclamation The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. addressed since 6 July 2009

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again.
The thousands of insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. since 6 July 2009 from Sol88 about his cult's electric comet and electric Sun dogma (updated 31 Mar 2020 to add his demented lies about electric discharges).
Random recent insanity from Sol88
Sol88 confirms his insanity that A'Hearn stated that comets are actual rocks by quoting A'Hearn stating that Tempel 1 had "snowbank" outer layers.
Sol88's insanity of citing a 15 year old clays and carbonates finding that is explained and indirectly confirmed by A'Hearn.

This post: Persists with insane lies about posts and posters, e.g. he is the one with years of showing that he cannot read!
Next post: Persists with insane lies about posts and posters.
Lukraak_Sisser wrote See, more nonsense and misunderstanding to deviate away from the fact that the entire underlying 'model' for your fantasy does not exist. ....
Sol88 goes on an rant about the mansistesm "dirty snowball" model with the insane lie that we have abandoned it and the even more insane lie that there is no mainstream model.
Sol88 confirms his abysmal inability to understand what he reads or the insanity of blatantly lying about what he reads !
For that last 70 years were have been successfully modeling comets using ices and both ices and dust depending on what was being investigated. Unexpected and significant findings in comet
67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko: an interdisciplinary view is suggesting that the mainstream ices and dust comets modelling that already use both dust and ices should be using more dust than ices more often since we have found 67P has more dust than ices (and Temple 1 may have more dust then ices). If comets in general are found to have more dust then ices then the name of the model may be changed.
The insane insults of the deceased Michael Francis A'Hearn and all astronomers by Sol88 linking them with Sol88's demented dogma, etc.

To added to "Random recent insanity from Sol88":
Sol88 persists with his decades old and insane lie that the Tempel 1 is a rock when in 2005 Deep Impact ejected up 20% to 50% water ices and made a crater that is ~14 times bigger than one in rock would be. Thus A'Hearn stating that Tempel 1 had "snowbank" outer layers.

Next post: An insane rant.
Next post: An insane rant.
Next post: An insane rant with his usual utterly insane lies about his and his cult's demented dogma which is that comets are actual rock.
Next post: Demented questions about his insane delusions about comets.
jonesdave116 wrote More lying. No radial field. Fact. And I have run away from nothing, you lying clown ... about Sol88's and his cult's demented dogma.

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