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What is the evidence to support the 2-metre social distancing rule to reduce COVID-19 transmission?

Very long survey of scientific reports relative to droplet/aerosol spreads:

A one-size-fits-all 2-metre social distancing rule is not consistent with the underlying science of exhalations and indoor air. Such rules are based on an over-simplistic picture of viral transfer, which assume a clear dichotomy between large droplets and small airborne droplets emitted in isolation without accounting for the exhaled air. The reality involves a continuum of droplet sizes and an important role of the exhaled air that carries them.

The Atheist's post above re meat packing plants is a unique example of ventilation spread which has caused thousands of infections. High volume of air flow. Recirculation with little or no outside air, and low temp ( 10C ) may make these facilities special cases. Be interesting to see what published studies come out.
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