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Originally Posted by marting View Post
Also of note is the study is base on close contacts of Covid-19 patients. Testing showed that 51% of the close contacts had acquired Covid-19.
I'd be interested to know what "close" is - 51% is a lot.

I'm getting the opinion that asymptomatic people aren't doing much infecting at all. Including this:

Originally Posted by marting View Post
Only 1 out of 123 children that lived with a Covid-19 infected person got the bug in a Swiss study. May be a lot safer to open up schools than we had previously thought.
Yeah, kids just don't pass it on, which is exactly unlike every other bug in existence. They mostly don't have symptoms, and it doesn't appear that those asymptomatic cases are even passing it on in the family.

Originally Posted by marting View Post
That's consistent with the Swiss study. Frankly, I was surprised by the almost non-existent transmission to children. Even in families where a person had Covid-19. There's clearly something different going on.

There is something going on, and we've been saying it from the start - kids should be highly susceptible to a novel virus and they just aren't.

I was reading yet another piece today about other vaccines conferring protection from completely different viruses, in particular, the polio vaccine.

Dr. Voroshilova established that the live polio vaccine had an unexpected benefit that, it turns out, could be relevant to the current pandemic: People who got the vaccine did not become sick with other viral illnesses for a month or so afterward. She took to giving the boys polio vaccine each fall, as protection against flu.
Much earlier, we had MMR and BCG as potential candidates, so maybe it's just being vaccinated more recently is the key? The wide majority of kids have had all their shots, and obviously, the older a person is, the longer it was since they had any vaccine other than 'flu.

Needs more work.

Originally Posted by marting View Post
Elsewhere it's been reported that pregnant women don't transmit it to their newborns. Even when they may get it themselves. Curious.
Babies being born with high antibodies would fit into the same scenario above - that being protected from other viruses confers protection.

I gotta admit, I'd enjoy the humour if this could all be solved by giving people a vaccine for something else.
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