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Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
Correct. Apparently Colin Powell is the first of them considered by Biden. If Biden get in, they will show up. Why would the war profiteers care which side their clowns are hired by, a long as it back to business as usual ??

There are elites, and there are elites. You didnt realize you voted for the warmongers behind the scenes??

Why do you think their entire system tried to destroy Trump for five years??
Absolutely hilarious. You do realize that Trump was not in favour of cutting the massive Military Industrial Complex Welfare system of massive subsidies. The military and war profiteers continued to be on the gravy train of federal monies in massive amounts. It was business has usual under Trump.

Trump of course used the office to help pass legislation that benefited other members of the 1 percent he is a part of. Certainly tax cuts and Environmental deregulation benefit profit margins of big corporations.

Meanwhile Trump continued the policy of full support for Saudi-Arabia's war in Yemen. Trump like the Bush family is very good friends with Saudi Princes and the Saudi royal family. Trump has also continued the "War on Terror" and other crap.

Trump is a grifter. Such things has his refusal to put his money in a blind trust, thus raising the distinct possibility that he made political decisions based on its effects on his wealth. His use right now of fund raising for his legal challenges to pay off his election debt to say nothing of his history of dubious business practice are all pare for the course for a grifter.

The idea of Trump, liar, distorter, unhinged conspiracy theory loony tune, has been unfairly targeted by elites / media is hilarious. He is his own worst enemy. You mentioned a couple of times Noam Chomsky in the past. You are aware Noam Chomsky has little but utter contempt for Trump who he views has a fool.

By the way I am a Canadian and so could not vote in the last election in the USA. Us Canadians have a huge chip on our shoulder about the USA and the past 4 years have been very entertaining. Trump has given us here so much entertainment and helped to massively increase Canadian smugness in relation to the USA. Laughing at Trump and the US voters for electing him have been very enjoyable. So there is a measure of sadness here that the circus down south is ending and will not last another four years.

Feeling smug and superior is however not a worthy emotion and I for one am glad that, that particular excuse for that is no longer operational.
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