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Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
...Trump got nominated for three Nobel peace prizes.
  • Not only that, but NK as a recognized and accepted nuclear power happened on Trump's watch, empty bombast to the contrary.
  • BBC: "Iran now has more than 10 times the amount of enriched uranium permitted under an international agreement, the UN's nuclear watchdog says."
  • How do the people who defeated ISIS on the ground feel about the soldiers they lost with Trump cut, ran, and betrayed these same Kurds on the battlefield?
  • BBC: How are other allies feeling about the erratic decision to draw down troops in Afghanistan without consultation or fair logistical warning?
  • Hasn't that decision immediately led to higher conflict and civilian casualties, now that the US presence is zero detterent and provides zero motivation to engage in peace talks?
  • Russian bounties, anything done about that, even if lip service? No?
Somebody is Putin's lap dog, and so are all his utterly clueless, loser followers, witting or no. As planned, the USA has been swept from the board as a serious ally, leader, or even democratic inspiration. Impressive, indeed. Abject and wanton capitulation to bullies is now Brand GOP, as is picking on anyone merely polite, or not brandishing a weapon, as is their wont. Now the world will be getting in US face, as that is how past and future bullies are treated.

Biden voters, however, do all deserve a Nobel in noble.
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