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Originally Posted by Pacal View Post
looking at the election results it appears that has of now Biden has a lead of 6 million c. 36,000 votes over Trump. However a shift of just over c. 43,735 votes in three states, (Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin), to Trump giving him 37 more electoral votes for a total of 269!!. Or 1/2!! even though Biden would still have almost 6 million more votes and a popular majority of just over 51% with Trump still at just above 47%. And if Trump had also just a few thousand more votes in Nebraska he would have won all the electoral votes in Nebraska and the election with 270 electoral votes in this hypothetical!

Guys there is something wrong here.
You might find this interesting

It allows you to pick other possible ways of distributing EC votes, and then see what the results are.

Most of them change the results, but very few of change the outcome, ie., who get elected POTUS.

While I think popular vote is the best, most democratic way to elect a leader, Republicans would never agree to it because they would hardly ever get a candidate elected to POTUS that way.

IMO, Nebraska and Maine's (?) way of doing it would be the best achievable way; electoral collage votes allocated proportionally by popular vote in each state.
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