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Originally Posted by uke2se View Post
Article is behind a paywall. Is this guy still employed by the CIA, and how deep down the Q-anon rabbit-hole are we talking?
I don't think it is. Just click "close" on the box that comes up. Or try clearing your cookies.

And the guy is a raging, raving lunatic, probably truly certifiable.
But the conspiracy was less important than what it licensed: “Personally, I would prefer immediate and lethal, post-trial punishment —by loyal-citizen firing squads chosen by lottery,” he wrote. Targets included the “Kenya-born” Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Brennan, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, Russiagate’s Christopher Steele and leading congressional Democrats. Other hit lists include journalists, academics, “any police chief or officer” who supports police budget cuts, and “all medical doctors, teachers, and teacher unions advocating the continued closure of schools across the republic,” which Scheuer sees as commensurate with the predations of Jeffrey Epstein and, allegedly, Ghislane Maxwell. “There is no Constitutional protection for U.S. citizens who wage war against their country, especially those who enlist foreign governments to assist them,” Scheuer judged—meaning not the “Russia, if you’re listening” president, but Trump’s opponents.
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