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Originally Posted by The Greater Fool View Post
Complements on a good summary of Waterfall vs Agile.

To the point of this thread, IT folks can likewise be bone-headed.

The company I am currently with claims to be working toward Agile, because that's what all the cool kids are doing. After three years of moving to Agile, we are more waterfall than before. If waterfalls flow up, that is.

In point of fact, we now have new Project Managers that don't understand the job, the product, or the existing software. They insist on gathering requirements and making promises to users without involving the programmers (who know the job, the product, and the software), or QA (who likewise know the job, the product, and the software), or anyone else who knows anything. Oh, and they are having off-shore programmers do the work, apparently to ensure that no one in the development cycle knows anything about how the job or the product.

As a result, they are doing a world-wide roll out of a new Order Processing system... created from scratch (!). It was a 1 year project that would be rolled out to 20 (of 70) countries initially. Cool.

The 1 year project started 2.5 years ago. They only need 6 more months [again] to roll out Phase 1. Phase 1 has limited baseline features, and will be published to 1 country when it is ready. Phase 1 was introduced as a concept about 1 year ago. They have quadrupled the off-shore teams to get this subset of the original done.

Us folks working on the 'legacy' systems were supposed to be phased out in 3 years, because all the systems would be moved off of our box. 2.5 years later, we have actually added countries and functionality.

We legacy folks shake our heads and smile. Most of us will retire before we are phased out.
Not just with software development. I was only recently able to decommission my last 32-bit, Windows 2008 Server.

We had a guy retire a few years back. They had started on retiring a storage array for one system when he was hired. It did get retired before him, though. By a month.

We still have systems that MUST have Java 6 to operate.

Heck, it's only been about 4 years since we finally got one departments application (one that's central to our business) off a FoxPro database.

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