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I think a lot of users have this mistaken view that the "Computer guys" can see everything they are doing "behind the scenes" as it were and think detailing what the issue is isn't necessary.

If you're in the business I bet you've experienced this if you really step back and think about, when a customer responds to your request for more information with some variation on "Can't you tell from where you are at?"

Even beyond legal requires, as in at even normal jobs (to say nothing of the medical environment I support now and the government environment I supported before) you can't just go in and randomly look at user's files and accounts willy-nilly, on tech level we can't see what the user is "doing" to the degree or in the way a lot of users seem to think.
No, someone having reality and facts on their side does not mean they have been given an unfair advantage and it is not a bias against you. You're just wrong.
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