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Originally Posted by McHrozni View Post
You should also note this is as of 2009. The report cited is from 2017. I don't even dispute the 2009 report as inaccurate, it could well be spot on - just eight to ten years out of date.

Afganistan is not under foreign occupation. The country is ruled by an internationally recognized Afghani government, assisted by foreign forces to fight a domestic insurrection of Islamic supremacists.

Afghan government and the world at large consider them terrorists, thanks to all the terrorist attacks they do. Not all of their actions may be recognized as such, but this is senmantics.

Or it is governed by a government forced on it by the foreign invading forces that overthrew the Taliban government in an unprovoked attack (the Taliban government had nothing to do with the planning or implementation of 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US). A government that is only maintained in power by the foreign forces because it does not have the support of the people. I understand that resisting US invaders is regarded by the US as terrorism, but as liberation forces if the invading force or the elected government is left of centre.

The taliban do participate in terrorism, some detainees may have participated in terrorism before and have done since, or they may have been radicalised because though previously 'innocent' they were kidnapped, tortured, and in the mean time their families have been killed by collateral bombing, and now they have little left other than seeking revenge.

If we are being honest, the success of deradicalising terrorists is likely well below 100%, one thing we knows that tends to deradicalise people is time and age. Terrorism tends to be young mans game. Keeping people in prison until after they are 40 is another way of reducing risk.

Unfortunately as has been said above it is likely some people will go back to their old bad ways and maybe we have to accept a certain level of risk if we are not going to detain people for life.
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